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Truth & Grace Ministry Minutes 

These short 1-3 minute video devotions are great spiritual seeds of wisdom you can plant in your heart and ponder upon, chew and meditate on for a few days, and think about how you can apply the principles in your life.  They all come straight from the Word of God.  If applied they are assured to change your life in positive ways as God's Word is living and powerful, sharper than a double-edged sword.  Truth brings light and freedom in your life, not to mention joy.  Seek after Him with all your heart and you will find no greater place of refuge, stability, safety, joy, peace, assurance, promise, fulfillment, and surety I assure you.

Does God Love You Even Though You've Had An Abortion? 

Can You Be Forgiven?

Jake: Man's Best Friend Needed Love

When Hitting Rock Bottom Has An Entirely Different Meaning

Jesus said, "Take Away the Stone...And You Will See the Glory of God"

The Hundred Dollar Counterfeit 

The Healing Power of Zinc Oxide

When You've Been Betrayed

Zeal For God: There's A Good & Bad Kind To Have

There's a Menu We Shouldn't Even Look At, Let Alone Order From

What's the Difference Between Earthly Food & Water 

and Eternal Food & Water?

Hurt Christians Hurt Christians

The Difference Between Saying 'I'm Sorry' & 'Forgive Me'

What Have You Had To Go Through To See Your Hero?

You Are Loved, Unique, Special and Irreplaceable

Taking Off the Facade So We Can Heal

Holding God to Who He Says He Is

Who Are The Most Powerful People on Earth? HINT: It's Not Who You Think

Surviving Depression & Thriving

Looking For the Smile on the Face of God

Qualities of a Best Friends

Don't Get Caught in the Comparison Trap

Jesus Said, "My Yoke is Easy, My Burden is Light"

Do You Have Some-Timers?

Suffering: To Escape, Endure or Engage?

Building a Spiritual Foundation & Plumbline

The Efforts We Make to Escape Our Destiny Often Lead Us To It